Friday, February 02, 2007

What's In a Name

Ok, SOME PEOPLE are insulted by the fact that I didn't like their name suggestions. Boo Hoo poor you....LOL. I'm not naming my kid anything that can get him confused with a baby snatching midget. But then again, now I see why he likes the name so much.

Any who......we both liked Alex, but the neighbors (who are about 1 month further along than me and our landlords) are naming their kid Alex so I guess that's out. Right now, it's looking like it will probably be Patrick Denton S*****. Very Irish, which must be why my husband loves it so much. Don't get me wrong I like it too (at least it's not as boring as Joseph), but it wasn't my first choice. Don't they say marriage is all about compromise?

Also - some of you may have heard of the severe weather up my way last night. Lucky for us, the worst of it hit just south of us in Lady Lake (not so lucky for them though, I heard there were 13 people killed there). Anyway, no damage, just a lot of rain. We didn't even get the weird thunder and lighting. So, got to go for now.