Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Have a Confession to Make

First off, the internet/phone are now working at my house.

Secondly - I HATE MY JOB. Well, not really the job, just the ass hat b(*&& that's supposedly training me. I think she decided the first time I called her on yelling at me for something she never told me in the first place; that she didn't like me, and has acted like it ever since. I'm not really sure what her problem is other than that. She has not been a good trainer at all, and I get rude responses when ever I ask questions; yet she wants to know why I don't ask her questions!!?? I am getting really tired of being treated like I'm stupid because she forgets to tell me things and then it's my fault when I do them wrong. I know I can do this job without any problem (with the proper training of course).

If I wasn't halfway through my pregnancy with virtually no chance of getting hired somewhere else because of it, I would quit right this second. As it stands, I don't know if I'll make it here until the baby is born. I have NO IDEA what to do about it either.