Friday, August 29, 2008

What is WRONG With People?!

Army Wife's post this morning reminded me of something...........

So I was listening to the Mike Savage show last night - don't know if he is local or if anyone else has heard him before..... Anyway I wasn't listening on purpose, I was trying to find the Bucs game since our NBC is out of Atlanta of all places (don't ask).

So he has this MORON on the air who called in about NObama - he was going on and on and on singing the praises of the messiah and the host was asking him why he is voting for him - apparently he said something about culture or race (I missed that part but it was apparent by the way the conversation was going) so he says - well let me ask you this - how do you feel about the issues - and goes on to ask the IDIOT his opinion on guns etc. Hmmmmm the RETARD doesn't want the Gov't to take his guns away, he's pro life, etc. So Mike Savage is like .... uh .... have you read NObama's stand on the issues? HE TOTALLY DISAGREES WITH EVERY OPINION YOU HAVE. And the guys like yea but..... and Savage is like, no, I don't think you get it. He is the polar opposite of everything you say you believe in, he's so far left he's further left than the majority of democrats! And the guys like yea, but I'm still going to vote for him - HE'S BETTER THAN McCAIN. I have no words. I am banging my head against the wall. Pamibe - I need your emoticons....LOL

WTF is wrong with people!? I can not understand what would inspire that kind of IGNORANT blind devotion for someone who totally disagrees with everything you believe in!? For the record, the guy sounded to be about 18 or 19. What scares me is how many of these Fucktards are going to show up at the polls in November.............

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stll Here

Just been a little busy - the new session at school started and work and baby and all that. We are going d0wn to St. Pete this weekend to see mom and Tammi and hopefully pass out the $150 worth of pictures I just had taken of my adorable son. He is getting molars - I'm pretty sure anyway - and life is pretty miserable for poor Patrick - I think he's going to end up chewing his finger off poor kid!

You may have noticed the paypal and amazon buttons I added. Don't worry - I don't intend them for any of you readers - they are more for my personal/family use and are in a place where everyone can see them now. Though I won't turn down anything you lovely readers wish to send me ;)

Otherwise I just need to say one thing. All you idiots in New Orleans - there is a storm coming your way - this is plenty of advance warning - get your shit together and get out now - don't expect the government to save your sorry lazy asses.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, This is FUN

So this has turned out to be the most disappointing storm. We haven't even had a flicker of power. It's not raining right now and it seems that the bands of rain are going right around us. We were supposed to have gotten HEAVY rain once the eye passed but I didn't notice anything. I guess I shouldn't complain but DAMN. I've been home stuck in the house for two days now for nothing. Woo Hoo.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everything is A-OK So Far

So maybe some of you didn't realize, but we are about 15 miles NW of Gainesville, so we are about to have the "eye" of TS Fay go over us. It's been ok so far, some rain, but not heavy. From what I can tell though, there are some pretty heavy storms on the other side. We'll see what happens. No school today, which meant no daycare, so I've been home all day. But I made the mistake of eating something bad last night so I've been watching my son play in between bathroom trips after vomiting all night. FUN.

We'll probably shut the computer down right before the eye passes, so I'll check in again later.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Gets Worse.........

So being the good consumer I am, I downloaded my yearly free credit reports yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I find on my Experian report, a section called "alternate social security number" and it shows my jackass exes number there. WTF!? First of all, what is an "alternate SSN"? I just don't even understand why that would exist. Secondly, this must be why I keep getting phone calls from debt collectors looking for him. Thirdly - how does this bode for consumer protection? Why would you EVER put someone's SSN on another person's report where someone OTHER THAN THE OWNER CAN SEE IT?! So I immediately come to the conclusion that if his is on mine, then mine is probably on his. THIS IS VERY BAD. I DON'T TRUST HIM IN THE SLIGHTEST. Not that he would be smart enough to figure out how to run his credit report, but I digress.

So I call them up. And express my concern and that they should remove his number from my credit report. Ok fine, we can do that - is there anything else we can help you with?

Why yes, there is. You can make sure my number is not on his, and if it is, remove it.



What do you mean you can not do that?

Well, we have to have his permission to access his account.

Well - you're not going to get it because A) I don't know how to contact him and B) We left each other on bad terms so even if I did, he probably wouldn't do it. Anyways, it's a moot point because it's MY social security number, and I didn't give him permission to have access to it.

She kept insisting so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She insisted the supervisor would say the same thing. I said I don't give a shit, let me talk to her right now. So she put me on hold.

She came back a few minutes later (NOT the supervisor) to inform me I would have to obtain a COURT ORDER to get my SSN removed from his report.

WTF? How in the HELL does that protect my privacy as a consumer! I cussed her out. I couldn't help it, I was PISSED. So I went online to the FTC and filed a complaint. I am not sure what to do at this point. Someone suggested I call back today and ask to speak to a supervisor from the get go and try again. I just don't know if that will work but I guess I will try. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Bother?

I want to know why I should bother to have insurance. Seriously. I pay 175 every pay period (that's every two weeks) for my son and I to have coverage (and that's a discounted rate - my employer pays extra for my coverage vs. others in my office).

We went to a DOCTOR'S OFFICE to see the cardiologist. They did the EKG THERE - IN THE OFFICE. But because the doctor was in the Shand's Medical Plaza (which is affiliated with Shand's Hospital) I have to pay an outpatient hospital services co-pay of $200 FOR EACH TEST THEY DID instead of $75 for "diagnostic services". WTF??!!

And the neuro we're supposed to see - he's also in the Shand's Medical Plaza. I tried looking up another Pediatric Neuro or "independent testing facility" (since I know they're going to want to do an EEG). Yea.... this is Gainesville. They are OWNED by UF and Shands. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is a Public Service Announcement

Yea...... don't have fiber one yogurt and TWO fiber one granola bars all in the same day. Unless you like having uncontrollable gas while you're at work.

I hope your day has been made better by knowing that.

Carry on.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Guess I Woudn't Make a A+ Catholic

I got a B+ for my final grade in the Catholic class. He didn't give us our test scores though. I may e-mail him and ask but I would assume it was a B based on that final grade.

I got irritated with the neuro and asked if I could see another doctor - and had to be transferred to the main office. Apparently they are really busy but got my message and are working on trying to get me an earlier appointment. We'll see.

I have to say - Patrick was indeed very good during the picture taking process. I kid (mostly) about him being the devil baby. He really is extremely mild mannered and well behaved. And DANG IT, that kid loves to laugh. He also has my evil streak - this weekend he was trying to pull out daddy's arm hair - then showing him what he got and laughing hysterically. I guess I'll keep him. :)


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Put on Your Shades.....

You're going to need them to look at the awesome cuteness that is my son.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

Srsly - this was a question on my final exam - GOD SAVE US FROM THE LIBERAL WACK JOBS!

The year is 2012. The drought in Florida, because of global
warming, has gotten worse. The aquifer is showing alarming signs of depletion.
Similar crises loom elsewhere in the country. President Obama has set Vice
President Jeb Bush (!) on the task of coming up with ways of avoiding
disaster. Jeb’s plan for Florida involves a total ban
on any new lawns. All new developments may use only native, drought-tolerant
plants, (a practice known as xerascaping). Residents with existing lawns face
the prospect of being able to water 2x a week for just 4 years, after that,
just 1x per week for 2 years, and after that must abandon their expanses of
lawn entirely. (replacing them with xerascaping if they choose) A group called
“Water Rights” has formed in the Villages, and is arguing that as Floridians
and American citizens, they have a right to have traditional lawns, and to
water them sufficiently to keep them healthy and green. They point out that
existing lawns represent a substantial invertment of money, and that many
people have incurred the additional expense of putting in their own wells
which are also going to be restricted if the law passes. The issue is being
debated hotly and not always rationally all around the state. Even churches
are getting involved. Assume that you are a member of the curia of the diocese
of at Augustine, and you have been asked to prepare recommendations for your
Bishop on the position the church should take on this issue. What is you
position? (Not very important.) And WHY do you hold that position-- What is
your reasoning. (VERY important).

In all honesty, it took all I had not to write this as my answer:

Dear instructor,

Not only is global warming a farce made up by Man Bear Pig (Al Gore for those of you who don't watch South Park) but I find it truly offensive that you dare to put "President Obama" in print, let alone you would seriously suggest that Jeb Bush would be his Vice President. I totally resent the fact that this question even exists and refuse to answer on principle.

Thank You - Concerned Student

Monday, August 04, 2008

Is It WRONG to Want to Kill a Politician?

I'm not going to get all ranty except to say someone needs to impeach Nancy Pelosi and her childish "I'm not going to do it just because BushHitler and the Rethuglicans want me to" BULLSHIT.

Phew. I feel better now.

In other news - my husband has a kidney stone - at least, we're as sure as we can be without an x-ray because HE doesn't have insurance and DAYUM x-rays are expensive. The pain is lessening and there is no more blood in his urine, but as far as he knows, he hasn't passed it yet so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Apparently there are a lot of kids with neuro problems because we still have not been able to get an earlier appointment. BAH. Also - Patrick is teething again which makes for miserable, non-sleeping baby and miserable non-sleeping mommy and daddy. Sometimes I wonder if God thinks all this is funny. No, lets make it take a year or more of pain and suffering to get all our teeth in, that would be downright amusing.

Tonight is my last night of the hated Catholic class I had to take. I have to say though, it has been enlightening and I almost want to spend time researching other religions and their beliefs. ALMOST. We should be getting our reports on our visit to mass back tonight and I am wondering how well I did. Our final is online this week and class is over on Saturday at midnight. Then a short break until the next session starting August 18. On the schedule: Business Ethics and Intro to Computer Information Systems - my last elective. I'm thinking these should be two more easy A's.

Other than that, I have been faithfully exercising and TRYING to eat better, and I am definitely noticing a difference in how my clothes fit, though I still haven't weighed myself so I have no idea how much weight I've lost since the 6lbs from the last weigh-in. Progress is being made though. It would probably help if I humiliated myself more publicly, but I just don't see a market for video's of me making an ASS out of myself.

ANYway - have a great day people.