Saturday, January 31, 2009

May Be Dark A While

While I contemplate my life and whether I want to continue in the direction it is going.

That's Good Stuff People

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes I'm Still Here


I've just been so busy, please forgive me....LOL

So while I may LOVE my husbands doctor - the hospital is another story. They are billing me the full $490 for his x-ray from his follow-up visit. Bastards.

I got me a new cell phone - I had my old one for quite some time and frankly the battery was dead and I didn't feel like replacing it. Cause I'm lazy. So I was thinking about donating my old phone to cell phones for soldiers - anyone used them, know anything about them - know of a better place? Let me know. I'm sure I could scare up two or three more from my mom's and I'm sure my husband's got one or two or a million stashed in one of his secret "put stuff where it doesn't go" places.

My next session of classes start next Monday - Cost Accounting and Auditing. WOO HOO. Not. Just so y'all know I've been keeping my eyes peeled at about 6 or so companies I might at some point find the job I really want in this area. If I see something I'm definitely posting for it. Not that I'm not happy here - the new job is going ok - but I don't see myself getting back into the Accounting department anytime soon. And even if I did, it's more like bookkeeping than accounting. In other words, a total waste of $130 per class for books.

My son - what can I say about him? Y'all he is growing like a WEED. Learning new words every day, learning new things every day, becoming his own little person. And - sit down for this - I am starting to think maybe I do want another one after all. DAMN. Hell hath frozen over. Just don't tell my husband ok? Besides - we need to get into a bigger house first. I'd also prefer to wait until his mom decides to retire so I don't have to find a way to pay daycare for two kids.

So life is going. I'm avoiding all the Obama hoopla - I'll NOT be watching the inaguration.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Good News for Medical Bills

Not sure if any of you have ever had to use medicare, but it's kinda weird how it works. Basically since we're not destitute they don't just automatically pay our bills. They did however, qualify us for the "medically needy with a share of cost" program. Basically our income was about $2000 over their threshold so any bills less than that we were responsible for. And it goes by a monthly calendar. So lucky for us the emergency room visit and the surgery were both in September. As of now it sounds like they've paid EVERYTHING for the emergency room and surgery. I can't even begin to express the weight that has lifted from me with this news. :D

So then we had to do two follow ups at the doctor and because of scheduling issues one was in October and one in November. The October visit was $1600 - just shy of the $2000 mark - making us responsible. However, the doctor gave us a self pay discount and sent me a bill for $600. WOW. I can't even believe they discount it that much. Then they called to tell me the November visit would probably also cost around $1500. DAMN. I just got the bill the other day - it was $100. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. So we had to pay out of pocket a total of $700. God bless this man. I just really love him.