Friday, March 27, 2009

Here We GO.....

Ok - I called and accepted the offer.

Sent a message to my boss asking for time to talk later (to tell her I'm leaving).

Contingent on background check, employment verification, and successful drug test - should be NO problems.


I'm excited!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG - I'm going to pee myself!


2k a year more than what I make now, so not much BUT

For the same price I pay now for insurance I can insure MY WHOLE FAMILY instead of just me and my son. My husband can stop worrying about kidney stones all the time!!! This is a really big point for me!

ALL benefits start after 90 days - even 401k - so I can roll it over right away - here I had to wait a year

It's a job doing what I want to do, not what I have to to stay employed - also it's what I'm spending money (well mom's money mostly but still) to go to school for

It's a little bigger company - but still family owned, which is nice

Where I'm at now we obviously just had layoffs - and it's in the travel industry so I'm not certain there won't be more, and fairly soon. I just don't see people spending money on travel right now. We are down probably 30% so far and next year is not looking good either

I won't have to work under someone who actively tells everyone she sees NOT to use my husband's shop cause her mom is crazy (that's a story for later)

The only downside I see is that I DON'T want to move Patrick's daycare - right down the street from where I am now and the "new job" would be kind of across town (I think it's like 15 miles or so) so I would have to drive over here and then back towards my house every day to go to work and then the opposite in the afternoon. But, maybe the job will be worth and and if it gets too annoying I can re-visit moving his daycare.


Anyway - anyone see any downsides to this move?

Got A Voicemail

From the job I interviewed for - not sure what it's about as they didn't say in the message. I called back but had to leave another message myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Something Fun

Your Taste in Music:

Classic Rock: Highest Influence

Country: Highest Influence

Nineties: Highest Influence

Adult Alternative: Medium Influence

Alternative Rock: Medium Influence

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Still Have A Job

Apparently there were layoff's here after I left last night - four people (our office is small) and of the four I was only friends with one of them. The other three, while I feel bad for them - were NOT the best employees here and will not be missed.

So - the interview went well. I did really well on the testing and really well on the HR portion of the interview. The interview with the hiring manager....well....let's just say he made me nervous and there were a few things I stumbled over that I shouldn't have and I'm not expecting an offer - I'm sure with the market the way it is there was SOMEONE who did much better than I did. I think it went OK, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I WOW'd him. So I'm still looking.

Had my birthday during the absence. We had a party last weekend and it was a really good time and got a bunch of stuff for my Wii. But since my husband's a slacker he of course didn't order my Wii Fit in time so I still don't have it. But I'm getting one. WOO HOO!!!! I also got MarioKart - which is really cool, and some game with darts and skill ball and other arcade type games that's pretty cool. Oh, and another remote and nunchuk so my husband and I can box each other ;)

All in all - it's been good. Oh, and it looks like I started getting my $13 a week from Obama. Do you think I should send a thank you letter? BLERG


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Need Opinions

From Everyone - yes, you too lurker.

BTW - does everyone hate Patrick's haircut or what?!

Anywho - part of my depression as of late has been due to money issues - which directly relate to the job I'm in - don't get me wrong I like it and all, but I just don't see any chance of advancement and/or a raise any time soon. Not to mention no chance of a return to my glorified bookkeeper/accounting position any time soon either. SO, in light of the fact that much money has been spent to get myself a bachelor's degree and in light of the fact that I am getting more and more disgruntled with my new position every day, I polished up my resume and have been actively looking for open positions (not that there are very many). I found one the other day that looked like it might fit what I was looking for and applied. Go figure, they called today to schedule an interview.

Here's my dilemma - I have NOT told my current employer yet. I am not sure how they will react. SO, should I tell them now, or wait to see if they offer me a position? With jobs few and far between, I am afraid if I do tell them now, and I don't get an offer anytime soon, my life here could become miserable real quick. On the other hand - I feel like I should just in case the "new job" wants to call and check my details. So what do you all think?


Monday, March 02, 2009

The Reason for my Sanity

Patrick had his first haircut this weekend. The curls are all gone :( Now he is a big boy!

Kill Me

Life sucks. And the worst part - I had intended for this to be my venting place and now find that I can't bring myself to spew my private life details here for all to read so there's really no point to it then is there?