Monday, July 06, 2009

It's Been Awhile



Losing Weight (12.6lbs to date).

Chasing my two year old.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Had my first weigh-in for weight watchers yesterday.... down 4.4lbs so far. WOO HOOOOOOO.

Just so y'all know, you'll probably find that I am on facebook much more than here so if you are interested in knowing what I am up to - send me a friend request. I am also on twitter for those of you who care.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Maybe I Should Post Something?

Or maybe not. I just can't see that too many people are all that interested in every detail of my life!

I am graduating (with honors by the way) with my B.A. in Accounting on Saturday. And no, Aunt Tammi is not going to be there - she has more important things to attend to ;) Love Ya Mean It!!

Patrick just turned two - his birthday was the 17th. He is getting so big y'all. Talking up a blue streak and all kinds of stuff!

I finally applied for my concealed carry permit - it should be here any day now. Had to make sure and get it before they are outlawed or something. Now I just gotta find a way to "carry". Anyway - not too much else going on. What are you up to?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am posting this from my new iGoogle gadget. Hope it works!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Case You Want To Know

Found a daycare yesterday - they are only $5/week more than what I am paying now. They are a small, family run place, all the kids there seemed very well behaved. They have heard of breath holding spells and know what they are and how to deal with them. They do lots of learning activities (ABC's, counting, days of the week, months of the year) and also cooking activities, pizza and pajama parties, and lots of art projects. They have a separate playground for each age group so the big kids can't harrass the little kids. It's closer to home so my husband can share in the drop off and pick up duties. All of the teachers there are very well educated (not just the mom's who have no job skills and need a place to work types). Oh yeah, they work on potty training with the 2 year old class too. They don't serve lunch like the place I am at now does, but that is a small price to pay for all the good things he is going to do and learn there.

I called the old place today and told them and they were very sad :(

I think Patrick will like this new place much better - he is going to start on May 11th


Friday, April 24, 2009

So the daycare search is really a pain. I didn't realize how extremely cheap the place we're at now is until I started looking for a new place. Everywhere I've found is AT LEAST $100 more a month. I looked at one today that seems to be really good - it's pretty close to my job and to his doctor, they do lots of learning activities, and they have another kid there with breath holding spells so they aren't going to be retarded about it like where he's at. The only thing is meals are extra so I'll have to get used to packing him lunch everyday.

The job is going well. If I could just nail down this daycare thing so I don't have to spend an hour in car each way every day we'll be all set.

I found facebook - it's much more fun (and easier) than blogging - so you probably won't see me too much around here anymore. I'll still be reading all my fav's though ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest In Peace

To a good friend who has finally lost his long, hard, battle with cancer. Ray, we will miss you! I am praying for your family to find peace.

Carmen, Keith, and Patrick

Monday, April 13, 2009

So Far, So Good

So, the new company is really cool so far, lots of employee amenities, reminds me a lot of the place I left in Clearwater except on a smaller scale. Remind me not to wear those shoes on any more walking tours though, my feet are KILLING ME!!! After the drive home today, I think we definitely need to rethink the daycare situation. The drive in was okay, but home? MURDER. Traffic sucked wet ones. Like all the people so far, two of the girls invited me to lunch on Wednesday :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I *knew* there was a reason I started looking for another job. I just found out today that they may not hire someone to replace me (in my SAFE position). I'm betting it was only a matter of time before they let me go too.

Also - the boss sent an e-mail that she wants to close at 1pm tomorrow. WOO HOO. I don't have to work a full day on my last day. I can't get out of here fast enough. Since I gave my notice I have decided I AM REALLY GLAD to be leaving and didn't like this job as much as I thought I did.

Starting the new job Monday!

Friday, April 03, 2009

LOVING the Wii Fit

Can I just tell you how much I love this thing!?

I've unlocked all of the balance activities and all the aerobics except one. Still working on the strength training and yoga poses - about halfway with each. I just LOVE the hula hooping. The stepping is OK, but I wish they would let you go faster! I just finally tried the rhythmic boxing last night - it's pretty cool. It would be nice if they would have random patterns though.

Some of the strength stuff is really hard! And the yoga - I've never done yoga before, but I can tell you, those tree poses - yeah. Not any good at

I did finally get all the way across the tightrope so that's good!

Anyway - the point being, I am working so hard to earn points and unlock stuff, next thing I know I've been at it for an hour and I'm sweating like a pig and DYING for water.

This could be a good thing peeps.


Oh yea - and I WILL make it down the dang river in the bubble damn it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Here We GO.....

Ok - I called and accepted the offer.

Sent a message to my boss asking for time to talk later (to tell her I'm leaving).

Contingent on background check, employment verification, and successful drug test - should be NO problems.


I'm excited!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG - I'm going to pee myself!


2k a year more than what I make now, so not much BUT

For the same price I pay now for insurance I can insure MY WHOLE FAMILY instead of just me and my son. My husband can stop worrying about kidney stones all the time!!! This is a really big point for me!

ALL benefits start after 90 days - even 401k - so I can roll it over right away - here I had to wait a year

It's a job doing what I want to do, not what I have to to stay employed - also it's what I'm spending money (well mom's money mostly but still) to go to school for

It's a little bigger company - but still family owned, which is nice

Where I'm at now we obviously just had layoffs - and it's in the travel industry so I'm not certain there won't be more, and fairly soon. I just don't see people spending money on travel right now. We are down probably 30% so far and next year is not looking good either

I won't have to work under someone who actively tells everyone she sees NOT to use my husband's shop cause her mom is crazy (that's a story for later)

The only downside I see is that I DON'T want to move Patrick's daycare - right down the street from where I am now and the "new job" would be kind of across town (I think it's like 15 miles or so) so I would have to drive over here and then back towards my house every day to go to work and then the opposite in the afternoon. But, maybe the job will be worth and and if it gets too annoying I can re-visit moving his daycare.


Anyway - anyone see any downsides to this move?

Got A Voicemail

From the job I interviewed for - not sure what it's about as they didn't say in the message. I called back but had to leave another message myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Something Fun

Your Taste in Music:

Classic Rock: Highest Influence

Country: Highest Influence

Nineties: Highest Influence

Adult Alternative: Medium Influence

Alternative Rock: Medium Influence

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Still Have A Job

Apparently there were layoff's here after I left last night - four people (our office is small) and of the four I was only friends with one of them. The other three, while I feel bad for them - were NOT the best employees here and will not be missed.

So - the interview went well. I did really well on the testing and really well on the HR portion of the interview. The interview with the hiring manager....well....let's just say he made me nervous and there were a few things I stumbled over that I shouldn't have and I'm not expecting an offer - I'm sure with the market the way it is there was SOMEONE who did much better than I did. I think it went OK, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I WOW'd him. So I'm still looking.

Had my birthday during the absence. We had a party last weekend and it was a really good time and got a bunch of stuff for my Wii. But since my husband's a slacker he of course didn't order my Wii Fit in time so I still don't have it. But I'm getting one. WOO HOO!!!! I also got MarioKart - which is really cool, and some game with darts and skill ball and other arcade type games that's pretty cool. Oh, and another remote and nunchuk so my husband and I can box each other ;)

All in all - it's been good. Oh, and it looks like I started getting my $13 a week from Obama. Do you think I should send a thank you letter? BLERG


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Need Opinions

From Everyone - yes, you too lurker.

BTW - does everyone hate Patrick's haircut or what?!

Anywho - part of my depression as of late has been due to money issues - which directly relate to the job I'm in - don't get me wrong I like it and all, but I just don't see any chance of advancement and/or a raise any time soon. Not to mention no chance of a return to my glorified bookkeeper/accounting position any time soon either. SO, in light of the fact that much money has been spent to get myself a bachelor's degree and in light of the fact that I am getting more and more disgruntled with my new position every day, I polished up my resume and have been actively looking for open positions (not that there are very many). I found one the other day that looked like it might fit what I was looking for and applied. Go figure, they called today to schedule an interview.

Here's my dilemma - I have NOT told my current employer yet. I am not sure how they will react. SO, should I tell them now, or wait to see if they offer me a position? With jobs few and far between, I am afraid if I do tell them now, and I don't get an offer anytime soon, my life here could become miserable real quick. On the other hand - I feel like I should just in case the "new job" wants to call and check my details. So what do you all think?


Monday, March 02, 2009

The Reason for my Sanity

Patrick had his first haircut this weekend. The curls are all gone :( Now he is a big boy!

Kill Me

Life sucks. And the worst part - I had intended for this to be my venting place and now find that I can't bring myself to spew my private life details here for all to read so there's really no point to it then is there?

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Beyond words. At this. Whatever you do Aunt Tammi - do NOT click on that link. I'll be finding a new team to root for next season.

Monday, February 16, 2009

One More Thing

Kudos to the Republican Congressperson I saw on Fox News yesterday who threw the stimulus pork sandwich on the ground after chastising the rest of the Congress group of thieves and idiots for not reading it and not letting the American public read it.

Hey whoever you are - come to Florida, I want to vote for you. Better yet, run for President.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

I am the official Wii boxing champion.


I think I found my new cardio workout.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Everything is OK

Crisis (or lack thereof) has been averted.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Word for Your Vocabulary

Years ago when I sometimes used unsavory language, I often used the expression "Bull Sh**." As I grew up a bit and discovered it was not necessary to use such crude language, that expression became "BS" or, in the military, "Bravo Sierra"

Q. What did I really mean when I used those expressions?

A. I meant that something was ridiculous, idiotic, a half-truth, or just stupid. It covered any number of negative formats. The dictionary defines it as: nonsense; especially foolish insolent talk.

I have decided that I will no longer use either of those expressions in the future. When I have the need to express those feelings, I will use the word "Pelosi".

Let me use it in a sentence. "That's just a bunch of Pelosi." I encourage you to do the same. It is such a good word. It really packs a lot of punch. We are no longer being vulgar but it clearly expresses our feelings. If enough of us use it, it's possible we can get the word in the dictionary. That would be an excellent legacy for the Speaker of the House.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

May Be Dark A While

While I contemplate my life and whether I want to continue in the direction it is going.

That's Good Stuff People

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes I'm Still Here


I've just been so busy, please forgive me....LOL

So while I may LOVE my husbands doctor - the hospital is another story. They are billing me the full $490 for his x-ray from his follow-up visit. Bastards.

I got me a new cell phone - I had my old one for quite some time and frankly the battery was dead and I didn't feel like replacing it. Cause I'm lazy. So I was thinking about donating my old phone to cell phones for soldiers - anyone used them, know anything about them - know of a better place? Let me know. I'm sure I could scare up two or three more from my mom's and I'm sure my husband's got one or two or a million stashed in one of his secret "put stuff where it doesn't go" places.

My next session of classes start next Monday - Cost Accounting and Auditing. WOO HOO. Not. Just so y'all know I've been keeping my eyes peeled at about 6 or so companies I might at some point find the job I really want in this area. If I see something I'm definitely posting for it. Not that I'm not happy here - the new job is going ok - but I don't see myself getting back into the Accounting department anytime soon. And even if I did, it's more like bookkeeping than accounting. In other words, a total waste of $130 per class for books.

My son - what can I say about him? Y'all he is growing like a WEED. Learning new words every day, learning new things every day, becoming his own little person. And - sit down for this - I am starting to think maybe I do want another one after all. DAMN. Hell hath frozen over. Just don't tell my husband ok? Besides - we need to get into a bigger house first. I'd also prefer to wait until his mom decides to retire so I don't have to find a way to pay daycare for two kids.

So life is going. I'm avoiding all the Obama hoopla - I'll NOT be watching the inaguration.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Good News for Medical Bills

Not sure if any of you have ever had to use medicare, but it's kinda weird how it works. Basically since we're not destitute they don't just automatically pay our bills. They did however, qualify us for the "medically needy with a share of cost" program. Basically our income was about $2000 over their threshold so any bills less than that we were responsible for. And it goes by a monthly calendar. So lucky for us the emergency room visit and the surgery were both in September. As of now it sounds like they've paid EVERYTHING for the emergency room and surgery. I can't even begin to express the weight that has lifted from me with this news. :D

So then we had to do two follow ups at the doctor and because of scheduling issues one was in October and one in November. The October visit was $1600 - just shy of the $2000 mark - making us responsible. However, the doctor gave us a self pay discount and sent me a bill for $600. WOW. I can't even believe they discount it that much. Then they called to tell me the November visit would probably also cost around $1500. DAMN. I just got the bill the other day - it was $100. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. So we had to pay out of pocket a total of $700. God bless this man. I just really love him.