Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween and Other Stuff

So we took Patrick over to our small town trick or treat gala (they close off main street and all the stores give out candy). He was up past his bed time but seemed to have quite a blast with all the attention he got. He LOVED his costume (he was a wizard). He seems to enjoy hats and he kept trying to eat his beard. Unfortunately, we missed the costume contest by about 3 minutes. FIL was rather disappointed since he worked for three weeks making his costume, but he got candy so all was good. And before you ask - yes I do have pictures which I WILL post tomorrow. I was not looking forward to going, but ended up having a great time. It was definitely small town America at it's finest.

The memorial service on Tuesday was very nice. It was for my brother's dad's step-father (sort of - he and grandma were never married). Yes, not my grandfather but I went none the less since my brother's dad may as well have been my dad - he's the only dad I've known since I was two. And that story is another post in itself which I may post someday, but not now.
Anyway, he was a World War II vet - a member of the 101st airborne no less - and a purple heart recipient. A great patriot and lover of America - he will be sorely missed by his family I'm sure. Since he was a vet of course he had a proper military burial with Taps and the gun salute and the whole nine yards. It was very moving and makes me wonder why people have no respect for our soldiers. Afterwards was a party at the local Elks Lodge (he insisted no one be sad). Unfortunately I didn't get to stay long (since it was a three hour drive for me to get home) but I enjoyed every minute and my condolences go out to his children and family.

In other news - I discovered that Patrick does not scare easily - he didn't even flinch when the guns went off at the funeral. And it seems Patrick's "cold" is going away on its own so we may not have to make the trip to the doctor.