Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes I'm Still Here


I've just been so busy, please forgive me....LOL

So while I may LOVE my husbands doctor - the hospital is another story. They are billing me the full $490 for his x-ray from his follow-up visit. Bastards.

I got me a new cell phone - I had my old one for quite some time and frankly the battery was dead and I didn't feel like replacing it. Cause I'm lazy. So I was thinking about donating my old phone to cell phones for soldiers - anyone used them, know anything about them - know of a better place? Let me know. I'm sure I could scare up two or three more from my mom's and I'm sure my husband's got one or two or a million stashed in one of his secret "put stuff where it doesn't go" places.

My next session of classes start next Monday - Cost Accounting and Auditing. WOO HOO. Not. Just so y'all know I've been keeping my eyes peeled at about 6 or so companies I might at some point find the job I really want in this area. If I see something I'm definitely posting for it. Not that I'm not happy here - the new job is going ok - but I don't see myself getting back into the Accounting department anytime soon. And even if I did, it's more like bookkeeping than accounting. In other words, a total waste of $130 per class for books.

My son - what can I say about him? Y'all he is growing like a WEED. Learning new words every day, learning new things every day, becoming his own little person. And - sit down for this - I am starting to think maybe I do want another one after all. DAMN. Hell hath frozen over. Just don't tell my husband ok? Besides - we need to get into a bigger house first. I'd also prefer to wait until his mom decides to retire so I don't have to find a way to pay daycare for two kids.

So life is going. I'm avoiding all the Obama hoopla - I'll NOT be watching the inaguration.