Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Health News Update

So the nurse called this morning - they decided they didn't need to do the LEEP procedure, they are going to freeze my uterus and then scrape the cells off. Good for me 'cause it doesn't require any numbing or anything. I'm going next Monday. Then check-up's every four months for a year to make sure everything is okay before they let me go back to once yearly exams. Not sure how this is going to work since I'm going to be losing my health care coverage when I leave this job.

I have two prospects through friends of his....one's father own's a construction company and one's wife works at a title company, both are looking for accounting people. If I can get in at one of these places I won't have to go very long without coverage, but I wonder if the new insurance will still pay for the extra exams if I go without coverage in between. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't want to have to go on COBRA - I heard it's really expensive.

Posting will probably be light - at least until this weekend as mom's computer is on the fritz. I think she has some corrupted files in internet explorer but I'm not sure. I looked last night at the window's cd to see if I could just re-install IE but I wasn't able to find anything....I may have to re-install windows - I can't even get a site to come up long enough to download a different browser and test it. I wonder if I can download on my bro's computer and then burn to a cd and use that to install on mom's.....

So since mom's computer was down - we missed the auction for the flower girl dress. Guess we're still looking....maybe she can come up this weekend to go shopping again. Also going to Brad Paisley this weekend if my tickets ever arrive - I think they're in forwarding limbo.....

Well that's it for now.