Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here I come to wreck your day....

So I'm still here.....been very busy. Last weekend I got most of my boxes unpacked....YAY! I've applied for several jobs - an actually got a call about one the other day. They were following up for additional information from interesting candidates. I was told she would be giving it all to the controller so she could decide who she wants to interview. Been sick - nephew had a sinus infection that he shared with the whole house.....isn't he sweet?!?

They threw a shower/going away party for me at work last Friday. Was pretty fun - they surprised me by inviting BF - who drove three hours down to spend an hour at my party and then turn around and drive three hours back home - and he brought flowers. Isn't he sweet too?!? So they had a pinata (sp?) filled with $210 one dollar bills. The idea was they were supposed to shower over me when it broke. But for some reason, they tied it to the fire sprinklers so the maintenance guy wouldn't let me finish busting it (darn! I really wanted to...NOT). I asked if I could just shoot it, but they wouldn't let me ;) The lady at the bank looked at me very funny when I brought them in and asked to deposit them.....I wonder why?

Also bought BF's ring today - he is going to love it. I promise once he's seen it I'll post a pic, but it's still a surprise so you have to wait, sorry. The other day I bought 36 calla lillies and 4 hydrangea bushes for $23!!!! At this rate we'll have really cheap boquets. I still haven't found any purple roses I like though. I heard there's a silk flower outlet in Tampa though, so I'm going to go look for it.

Ta for now!