Monday, March 24, 2008

No Tubes! No Tubes! No Tubes!

Ugh - I feel like a hippy now......

We took Patrick to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor on the advisement of the resident/nurse/assistant woman at our doctor's office. He continues to have "ear infections" on a regular basis and anti-biotics just aren't helping. It seems that as soon as we clear up one ear, the other becomes infected. I was assured when they did the referral that they would look into other options before they did tubes. When I saw the doctor he says to me, you realize you're here for tubes right?

Uh Wrong.

My son does not have pain, discharge, fever, sleeping/behavior problems due to "ear infections." We are NOT DOING TUBES. The doctor was confused - but he was very nice about it. He wanted to know why I was against them, I explained above. He said usually when parents come to him they are on their last straw due to above. He kind of insinuated that I should not be there if I wasn't. I didn't think so either. So I asked him what else can we try. He insinuated I should be discussing that with his primary care. I thought so too. He did give me a pamplet to read on when to get tubes which only reinforced my opinion, and suggested I ask my dr. about switching to soy formula, which we will be doing.

He also indicated that unless we had any of above things that we DO NOT have, we should not need anti-biotics. Yea. Suffice it to say I will no longer be seeing assistant/nurse woman - I will insist on his regular doctor. Nurse/assistant lady who looked at him about a week ago said he had an infection and needed anti-biotics. ENT who saw him a few days later said no. Regular Dr. today said no. I am wondering now how many times we saw her and she prescribed anti-biotics did we really need them???

Anyway, he is doing well. Third tooth still hasn't broken the surface but doc says should be any day now as they are RIGHT THERE. He is still happy and smiling and every parent at the day care wishes they could take my kid home instead of theirs.