Monday, May 12, 2008

Just for you Aunt Tammi

Apparently CNN has a partnership with Career Builder and they posted the top 10 interview mistakes today. So, since I AM her favorite niece and blog daughter I thought I would post them to help Aunt Tammi in her job search.... just remember you are NOT supposed to do any of these things.....

• Candidate answered cell phone and asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a "private" conversation.
• Applicant told the interviewer he wouldn't be able to stay with the job long because he thought he might get an inheritance if his uncle died - and his uncle wasn't "looking too good."
• The job seeker asked the interviewer for a ride home after the interview.
• The applicant smelled his armpits on the way to the interview room.
• Candidate said she could not provide a writing sample because all of her writing had been for the CIA and it was "classified."
• Candidate told the interviewer he was fired for beating up his last boss.
• When the applicant was offered food before the interview, he declined saying he didn't want to line his stomach with grease before going out drinking.
• An applicant said she was a "people person" not a "numbers person" -- in her interview for an accounting position.
• During a phone interview the candidate flushed the toilet while talking to hiring manager.
• The applicant took out a hair brush and brushed her hair.