Monday, October 13, 2008

My Husband - So Mad He Spits

Well, the good news is he got his stint out today. The bad news.....

Last weekend we went to a peanut festival and they had a republican booth giving out free McCain Palin signs. So we got one and put it in our yard. Folks, the bad thing about working at one of the only mechanic shops in a small town is that everyone knows you and knows where you live. So one of husband's long time customers shows up at the shop on Friday, walks up to my husband, starts shaking him and says "no, not you too! You've voting for her!?"

Husband: yea, you're not?!
Customer (who is a retired teacher in Gainesville): uh no! She is Stupid! You're smarter than she is!? (I told my husband I think he just insulted your intelligence).
Husband: - ???

and he proceeds to argue with my husband about how WE ALL DESERVE SOME OF BILL GATES MONEY and how GREAT CHINA IS

Give me a frickin' break. Is this guy serious? Yes, he really was. My husband tried to explain the concept of slave labor in China - he said yea right, that doesn't happen there. We have slaves and they are called illegal aliens. My husband, who is a really laidback guy, was so mad he was spitting when he talked. I can't understand it. This guy was a teacher, he should know better than to try and debate someone with inaccurate facts.