Friday, April 24, 2009

So the daycare search is really a pain. I didn't realize how extremely cheap the place we're at now is until I started looking for a new place. Everywhere I've found is AT LEAST $100 more a month. I looked at one today that seems to be really good - it's pretty close to my job and to his doctor, they do lots of learning activities, and they have another kid there with breath holding spells so they aren't going to be retarded about it like where he's at. The only thing is meals are extra so I'll have to get used to packing him lunch everyday.

The job is going well. If I could just nail down this daycare thing so I don't have to spend an hour in car each way every day we'll be all set.

I found facebook - it's much more fun (and easier) than blogging - so you probably won't see me too much around here anymore. I'll still be reading all my fav's though ;)