Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I think the title may be self explanatory.......

I got a job in Gainesville working for a firm that handles the accounting for all the doctor's offices in the area. They are starting me at the pay I was making when I left my previous job, to be reviewed in 90 days, and they have 401k available so I can rollover my previous one, AND, they are starting me after the honeymoon so I don't have to worry about taking time off right away. I am so excited I may just pee myself!!!! Trust me, a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I can just focus on the wedding.

Which by the way is going good so far. We confirmed the head count with the caterer last week and mom is feverishly working on the flowers in order to finish them in time. Since we are waiting a week to go on our honeymoon (we are going to the keys and fantasy fest is the week after the wedding which is the reason for the delay) BF's boss told him under no circumstances is he to come back to work the Monday after the wedding. They are getting us a room at the Don Cesar for the night of the wedding, which is really cool cause I've always wanted to stay there. This is the place we're staying in the keys - it's going to be really cool!

So Sunday my grandmother hosted a bridal shower for me. A lot of my younger cousin's who won't be able to attend the wedding wanted to do it. It was really cool, they had the cake decorated to match the plates and napkins (publix rocks!) and I haven't seen some of the cousins since they were really small, so that was fun. I got a few of the things I asked for from my registry (some decorative shelves and my glasses and a few kitchen items) as well as a really pretty lenox picture frame for our wedding photo and then some items for the wedding (a lucky penny, a charm that's supposed to be good luck, and a hankerchief with blue ribbon and lace). Which reminds me - I still don't have all my wedding music, so if you haven't e-mailed me something yet and have it, go here to see the list; a big thanks to everyone who's sent me stuff already.

Well I think that's it for now - apologies for not posting a lot - now that things are smoothing out some maybe I'll have more time to post and read others.