Friday, October 20, 2006


So do guys have intuition like a woman does?

This weekend is the wedding, right? So guess who calls me last night? The ex. No we still don't have the house situation resolved, but it's on the market so that's something right? Apparently he had an accident at work and hurt his back and needs surgery. Which means he can't work full time. Which means he can't afford to make the house payments. And since I'm currently unemployed (at least for another few weeks, but he doesn't know that).....Somehow he got them to waive the Mortgage payments due until the first of the year (or so he says) and I have to sign the papers since my name is on the mortgage. Oh and guess when he wants me to sign them???? So I told him I'm busy ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday but I guess I could stop by on Monday and sign them (so he'll leave me alone). I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't know.....