Thursday, April 12, 2007

Job and Baby Update

So I had my interview this morning - they said they've never seen anyone score so high on the Excel and Access tests. Kind of makes me wonder what kind of people they've been hiring.....This is definitely on the right track for me though cause it's a large company with all the perks and benefits. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Doctor called today to tell me my glucose levels came back elevated, so they are sending me for a three hour glucose screening tomorrow. What fun. I get to get poked by a needle four times in one day and spend my whole morning reading a book in the waiting room at the lab. They said if they are still elevated after three hours (the first test was only an hour) then they will be concerned. This will be interesting. I hope they don't come back elevated cause I can just see my husband now - he will be trying to monitor everything I put in my mouth. WOO HOO.