Friday, October 26, 2007

Doctor News

So we took Patrick to the Pediatric Surgeon yesterday for his hernia. He is sure it is not an emergency and scheduled another appointment for two months from now. He wants us to watch it and note whether it seems like it is appearing less frequently or if it looks like it is getting smaller in size when it does, and if it seems to be hurting him. If it starts hurting him, we need surgery right away. If it appears to be getting smaller/less frequent at the two month mark, he wants to continue to watch it. If it doesn't appear to be changing in any way at the two month mark, he wants to go ahead and schedule surgery then. So......they don't feel the need to just "cut" right away. They were very impressed that we knew so much about it when we went in. Apparently some people must not research things when it comes to their kids??!!!! And - it was only $156.00. PHEW!!!!

In other news - we went to St. Augustine last weekend for our anniversary (since that is where we had our first date). Anyway, Sunday morning Patrick woke us up at 5am and we were really tired so after we fed him, we laid him (on his back) in between us on the bed while we "dozed". Eventually he feel back asleep and we did too. When we woke up, he was on his tummy. Neither of us remembers rolling him over so he must have done it himself - but we didn't see it. He hasn't done it again since.

He's also decided he's not content to just sit in his chair anymore - he gets really mad. So we've been putting him on his tummy on his play mat. The child tries really hard to crawl! He looks like a little inchworm, and does sort of an "army crawl". He'll go a few inches and then lay his head down and rest, and repeat until we move him or he gets pissed because he's not getting anywhere. It's actually pretty funny. He also likes to "sit" with me on the floor. I sit indian style and put him on the floor in front of me, holding his hands, and he "sits by himself".

Other things of interest:
  • He thinks mommy's hair is very funny in his face.
  • If you say mama or dada to him, he smiles so big you think his face will split in half.
  • He tries to talk and eat at the same time.
  • He has outgrown yet another diaper size (he's 16lbs now and in size 3) and clothing size (he's wearing 6month stuff now).
  • He really likes bananas

I think that's it for now. I promise I will have video and/or pictures soon. We are going down to my mom's this weekend, so it probably won't be until later next week or weekend.