Monday, October 15, 2007

He Talks!

Ok, so it's not *really* talking, it's more like p0l;akjr;lkjgh;,manrlkjg;glhgoogoo, but he talks! It was so funny, 'cause my husband could usually get him to make a few small noises, but he would NEVER talk back to me. Well over the course of the last few days, he's gone nuts - he can't get enough of it he's so pleased with himself. He even talks to the TV when we leave the room for a minute. Also, he does what we call "Dr. Evil Hands" (because it looks like he's plotting to take over the world). I've finally figured out how to download video from our camcorder, so I'll try to post a short one of him and I having a conversation (probably won't be until the weekend though) and some recent pictures.

I can't believe how fast he is growing and how much he is eating!!! We graduated from rice cereal to oatmeal last week, and this week we tried squash. He loved it so much he decided to share it with his clothes, his face, his chair, and mommy's clothes too (he even had it on his eyelid people). It was so funny - he'd take a bite and "chew" it for a second or two, and then make a face like he was going to make a fart noise and spurt what was left all over - he did actually swallow most of it though. Last night I finally mixed it with a little rice cereal (just because it was so runny) and that was much better and much less mess. I also have a short video of his squash face to share sometime soon. But, he ate three formula scoops of rice cereal, and the whole container of the #1 squash, and an 8oz bottle for dinner last night! Now if we can just get his little teeth to come through so he doesn't have to be so mad anymore....