Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Still Have A Job

Apparently there were layoff's here after I left last night - four people (our office is small) and of the four I was only friends with one of them. The other three, while I feel bad for them - were NOT the best employees here and will not be missed.

So - the interview went well. I did really well on the testing and really well on the HR portion of the interview. The interview with the hiring manager....well....let's just say he made me nervous and there were a few things I stumbled over that I shouldn't have and I'm not expecting an offer - I'm sure with the market the way it is there was SOMEONE who did much better than I did. I think it went OK, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I WOW'd him. So I'm still looking.

Had my birthday during the absence. We had a party last weekend and it was a really good time and got a bunch of stuff for my Wii. But since my husband's a slacker he of course didn't order my Wii Fit in time so I still don't have it. But I'm getting one. WOO HOO!!!! I also got MarioKart - which is really cool, and some game with darts and skill ball and other arcade type games that's pretty cool. Oh, and another remote and nunchuk so my husband and I can box each other ;)

All in all - it's been good. Oh, and it looks like I started getting my $13 a week from Obama. Do you think I should send a thank you letter? BLERG