Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG - I'm going to pee myself!


2k a year more than what I make now, so not much BUT

For the same price I pay now for insurance I can insure MY WHOLE FAMILY instead of just me and my son. My husband can stop worrying about kidney stones all the time!!! This is a really big point for me!

ALL benefits start after 90 days - even 401k - so I can roll it over right away - here I had to wait a year

It's a job doing what I want to do, not what I have to to stay employed - also it's what I'm spending money (well mom's money mostly but still) to go to school for

It's a little bigger company - but still family owned, which is nice

Where I'm at now we obviously just had layoffs - and it's in the travel industry so I'm not certain there won't be more, and fairly soon. I just don't see people spending money on travel right now. We are down probably 30% so far and next year is not looking good either

I won't have to work under someone who actively tells everyone she sees NOT to use my husband's shop cause her mom is crazy (that's a story for later)

The only downside I see is that I DON'T want to move Patrick's daycare - right down the street from where I am now and the "new job" would be kind of across town (I think it's like 15 miles or so) so I would have to drive over here and then back towards my house every day to go to work and then the opposite in the afternoon. But, maybe the job will be worth and and if it gets too annoying I can re-visit moving his daycare.


Anyway - anyone see any downsides to this move?