Monday, June 19, 2006

MIA (and other stuff)

So I've been pretty busy between the end of the semester at school, wedding plans, and just being lazy! Had another test last week which I got a 97% (missed one out of 35....YAY!) Have a final on Thursday and then that's the end of the semester. Wooooo Hooooo - I have one more class at USF before I transfer up north!

Next paycheck will be the last time I pay rent at my current apartment, then I pack up my stuff to move north....YAY!!!

We pretty much decided we're going to have wedding on a cruise (it's a paddleboat that goes through the intercoastal down here in St. Petersburg). Mom and I are going on the cruise next weekend just to be sure we like it. When I get home tonight, I'm going to order my invitations. Still waiting to hear back from the photographer I found (who happens to be a fellow employee so it will be pretty cheap...YAY) and then we have to find out how much cakes are..... Got the flowergirl, ring bearer, and maid of honor all lined up, he still has to ask his best man. I found a dress I really like, I just have to go try it on....looks like everything is coming together.

So this weekend we went tubing on the Ichnetucknee, and then canoeing on the Santa Fe (where we saw an alligator on the river bank). Yesterday we spent the afternoon with BF's parents (being Father's Day and all) and that was about it! Next weekend is his bosses' birthday, so I guess we're having a big party for him.

Hopefully I'll have more to tell later!