Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Losing It

Funny Story -

I have class on Tuesday's and Thursday's in the evening. Well for some reason this holiday week had me all screwed up. I walked around ALL DAY thinking Tuesday was Monday. To the point where when I got home, I sat on the couch and watched TV all night. So on Wednesday, I got to work thinking it was Tuesday, and did that ALL DAY. I went home and busied myself until it was time to go to class, and then left. I even called Mom and Tammi on the way there. So I got to school and walked to class, then actually got in the classroom before I realized, "Hey, I must be in the wrong class cause who the hell is the dinosaur teaching?" So I go back out into the hallway and check and then it hits me. It's the right room so it must be the wrong day. SON OF A BITCH! Well, I had a test on Thursday, and I had missed the last lecture before the test because of it. I feel like a retard! I did, however, do okay on the test (at least I think I did, he promised to have grades up sometime this morning).

As to the reason for all this distraction.....BF and I decided to get married in October. So I've been looking around for ideas on where to have it and who to invite and all that crap. Half of the guests are in the Gainesville area, and half of the guests are spread out between Tampa and Sarasota. We're only having 40 or so guests, and it's really hard to figure out if we should do it up there, or do it down here. I'm trying to spend the least amount of money possible so it's really irritating. Plus, Mom (bless her heart) keeps telling me, "Oh, you have to have this, and you have to have that" and I'm like, "Mom, that stuff costs money." She mentioned something about helping pay for it, but you know how that goes. Every little thing that's "only this much" adds up to a whole lot. Plus, I found a really cool ring for him! I can't tell you all about it though cause he reads here and I'm trying to keep it a surprise. As for mine......

Isn't it pretty??? We decided I didn't need an engagement ring, but he promised to buy me one later after he has money for it......

So, I was thinking last night - our original idea was to just get married in the backyard and have everyone bring food and beer (hey, it would have been fun). But now it's morphed to a real wedding somewhere. I still don't know what to do about the reception though. What if we didn't serve a sit down meal and just had like finger foods and a small bar or beer. I was almost thinking something cheap like Publix subs or something. Is that too tacky??? ACK! I'm going nuts!!!!