Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wedding Updates

So Aunt Tammi wants a wedding update. Well, here it is.....


Seriously though - I am stressed out about the whole thing. It is much more complicated and time consuming than I ever imagined. I would really rather have someone else do EVERYTHING and just tell me when to show up. But, since it doesn't work that way....here is what I have so far.

These are the invitations I purchased.

This is the guest book I purchased.

This is the ring bearer pillow I like.

This is the dress I like.

These are the unity candles I like.

These are the cakes I like (with flowers to match bouquet).

This is the bouquet I will be having made for me (with matching boutonnieres (sp?) for the groom and best man, maid of honor bouquet, and corsages for the mothers) They will probably be more closely matched to the dress below, with maybe a hint of pink/mauve or burgundy.

This is the maid of honor dress I like.

This is the flower girl dress I like. Needs color though - I think I'll have the handle of the basket lined with flowers to match my bouquet, not sure how else to add color to it though - ideas are welcome!

These are the cake topper flowers I found, made by the same person who does the bouquets. I was thinking about asking her to match the cake picture though (obviously the flowers would be the same color as the bouquet, not pink).

She also makes these really pretty gazebo's....

Notice I said I have only purchased two things so far. I'll be making my flower girl basket since I didn't like most of what I found on the internet and in the stores - why must they cover EVERYTHING in satin???? It's a bit much I think. I have a lead on a cheap photographer, and then I'd just need to possibly find a DJ (not a band - so if I request a song, I can hear the person I like singing it). I also found the ring I want to buy him, but there'll be no picture of that here since it is a surprise for him. I promise after he's seen it, I'll let you all see it too. ;)

Still have not decided on a place to have it as the boat was not as nice as I expected. In order for there to be enough room for us we would have had to reserve the whole boat. Which would have been fine, except it is old and not in as good of shape as they make it look in the pictures (there was wallpaper peeling off in the upstairs deck)! Right now, I am looking into the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach. I don't want a beach wedding, but supposedly they have gazebos which would be nice, and their catering service looks to be of a reasonable price. They have not responded to my e-mail yet, so cross your fingers people!

Tomorrow - I'll be posting some pictures of yours truly for Oddybobo.