Saturday, November 18, 2006

Needles, Needles Everywhere

So I had to go this morning for what I'm sure will be just the first in a series of blood tests......They took FIVE vials of blood, I asked her if she made sure she left some for me. Since I have some 2nd? cousins that have cystic fibrosis, I have to have a carrier test for that as well as all the normal stuff they do. So this should be fun. My appointment to see the actual doctor is December 1st - so I should be able to give y'all a due date then.

We're supposed to have a yard sale today to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff - hopefully that all goes well. I already told the husband nothing that leaves the house is coming back, so if it doesn't get bought, it's getting donated somewhere. I doubt it will happen today though, it may end up being tomorrow.

More pics from the wedding soon. Until then, ta ta for now or TTFN.