Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leaps and Bounds

Um yeah....

So the early steps lady pretty much thought we were insane. Since I made the appointment he now says mommy, daddy, papa, apple, car, eat, toy, dog, ball, and has said "I'll be good" and "I like it". He walks now as a primary mode of transportation, though he does still crawl sometimes (a lot do, I think) and with Daddy he wants to hold hands a lot more than he does with me. We also figured out that he does give kisses - they are just not traditional kisses. He gets right up in your face and puts his forehead on yours. :)

School is going good - I have an A in my finance class. Tax is another story. I thought I was doing well but did not do so good on my first test. ARG. I'll have to make sure I do really well on the rest of the homework/projects and the final test. As it stands I may only be able to pull out a B. I guess that's acceptable. I hate the instructor though - she is really difficult to work with.

Well, tomorrow is turkey day folks - get stuffed.