Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yet Another Reason I Have Ulcers

My boss approached me the other day and said that him and another manager had a proposal for me - did I have time to meet with them.


There was a girl working in another department who was driving from Ocala everyday (about 45 minutes each way) who found a position closer to home, so she left. They wanted to know did I want this position.

The kicker - the reason they were offering it to me is because it's a pretty much guaranteed position (unless we were to go bankrupt or something), and my position is in serious danger of being let go.




Anyway - so basically I have the option of taking this other position (which is not in accounting), or taking my chances with the economy and staying where I'm at.

Considering that we just elected Mr. give everyone money and bankrupt the US.....yea, I took the position. What else was I going to do? I could look for another Accounting position, but everything I was looking at before that I liked required a Bachelor's before they would even look at your resume.

The odd part is - I promised I would not let on that people may be getting let go if things don't get better. Really - I don't feel bad about that. This is the TRAVEL INDUSTRY - it is a luxury - most people cut that out first. If they don't know their jobs are in jeopardy - they are stupid. The problem is people keep asking me if I'm excited and I really just have a hard time pretending I am - because I'm not. I am an Accounting person. I don't make hotel reservations and plan group travel. That's just the way it is.

They did promise if things got to the point where they needed help in Accounting again that I would have the option of coming back before they would hire another person. And I like the company, and the people are nice, even if they are stupid socialists.

So I don't know - should I start looking for something else? I know I will never get to do the kind of Accounting I like here..... but like I said - I like the company.

The other kicker - my husband works for a SMALL mechanic's shop in our town. For a long time it was the owner (who is his best friend and was the best man at our wedding), my husband, and one other person. They had to let the other guy go a few weeks ago. They are getting no business. So not only is my job in jeopardy, but my husband's is too. I know he would give us as much warning as he could before letting him go, but I am still TERRIFIED we will both end up jobless with a baby in the house. No insurance, no nothing. It's a good thing we don't have a mortgage.

But hey - Obama is going to fix all that for me right?