Friday, November 07, 2008

My Son is a Genius

Most of you who have been reading here a while know that my son was born premature. In fact, he was six weeks early. So even though he will be officially 18 months old in 10 days, his "adjusted age" as far as meeting milestones go is actually 16 months. Even so, we have struggled with the walking and talking.

He walks - and he's good at it - he is just terrified to let go of mommy or daddy's hand most of the time (he doesn't do that at daycare from what they tell me). When we do let go, he sits down and immediately starts crawling. He's been getting better though - especially when we go outside to walk because he doesn't like the feel of the grass so he will not crawl on it. He stands up and sits down all on his own. He tries to climb up on the couch (he loves falling backwards on it).

Anyway - he really frustrates me with his talking. Every now and then, he will say a complete sentence and then we won't hear him say it again for a week. He kind of says turtle and bee, but not consistently. He says dada and momma, but he does not address us as dada and momma, he just grunts when he wants something. The thing is - I can tell he knows who we are. Don't ask me to explain this - I just know by the way he acts. It almost seems like he knows we want him to so he refuses to. He refuses to give kisses. He would not wave bye-bye. He knows almost all of his facial parts - hair, ears, nose, etc. and can even point them out mommy's facial parts. He will brush his own hair (and mommy's hair).

So - despite all of this, or maybe because of it, I am having a consultation with our local early steps program to evaluate his skills. And since I made the appointment - he has made leaps and bounds as far as development goes.

He is starting to let go of our hands more. He is starting to do the "I can make my way from furniture piece to furniture piece and get around the house" thing. He now waves bye-bye - he just started in in the last two days.

We have our first "official" word. By this I mean that when he sees the object he calls it by name, he says it on a regular basis (in fact, he repeats it about 30 times a day randomly).


What a weird first word. I have no idea why he chose this word, but it comes out clear as a bell. Not like some kids who you think are saying a$$hole instead. Maybe he's a perfectionist like his mommy. Who knows.

And the kicker? Last night we were eating - I gave him some diced fruit after dinner. My husband and I were chit chatting while he finished, and I look over, and the kid had built a tower with his fruit. A TOWER. FIVE PIECES HIGH. That takes some steady hands. Especially with slippery diced fruit pieces. And let me tell you. I.was.floored. It literally took my breath away for a second. I got the video camera out but by the time it was on he had dismantled and ate it.

Sometimes I wonder.