Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, I'm Not Dead

Just extremely busy. This new job is a little more work intensive and has seriously cut into my homework/blogging time. ;)

So - husband got the all clear from his doctor - all fragments of removed kidney stone are, in fact, removed. The one in his other kidney is still where it was and NOT free floating yet. This is a good thing because if we can get him signed up for insurance before it does become free floating, they can do the sonic treatment which is much less invasive and much less painful. He has a diet to follow that includes LOTS OF WATER (which he was not drinking before).

Poor Patrick got bit by what we think is a spider at the Grandparents this weekend. He had a huge lump, it looked like someone hit him in the temple. We were told to give him Zyrtec and that should help the redness and such go away. He is now walking on his own more and more and now also says "mommy" (though he still won't address me as mommy) and "papa" - this must be grandpa because Daddy is "da-da". I swear this woman on Friday is going to think I'm insane.

We went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Saturday - it was really cool. If you've never heard of them you should check them out - you've not heard Christmas music like this!