Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back Again!

So I've kind of dropped of the face of blogger for a few days, but hey, I've got a lot of stuff going on! So here's some updates for you....

I've got the invitations just about done, they should go out this weekend. And they look good....YAY me!

Mom will be calling two caterers we picked tomorrow. Hopefully at least one is available.

I'll be meeting with a VERY reasonably priced photographer on Monday - he works with Mom's BF so he comes with good references (Mom's BF is a graphic artist - so he knows good pictures).

We're going shopping Saturday with the flower girl to hopefully find a dress. Keep your fingers crossed.

My class is going really good - it's Professional Writing, so all we're doing is letters and memo's and resumes - and I just did my resume, so I don't have to do it, I can just turn in the one I have, YAY! Oh yea, and I did end up with an A in Principles of Management...YAY for 100% reimbursement!

I'm calling the staffing office in Gainesville tomorrow (the same office that got me my current job) so they can start the search for me.

So far I've gotten by bookcase and my massive paperback collection already in Gainesville and about 5 more boxes (plus my already boxed Christmas stuff) ready to go. My plan is to take a few boxes with me every weekend until moving day to cut down on the stuff we have to haul up there. He's got a few friends with enclosed trailers who are coming down to help us move my stuff.

Oh yea, and anyone who watched the world cup should go here and try this game.....

Later Peeps