Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So I've been debating all day on whether or not I should post this, but in the end decided it would be ok.

About a month ago I went in for my "yearly exam" - they called a few days later to tell me the results were abnormal and referred me to a specialist. I was a little nervous at first, but several people assured me that most women get an abnormal result at least once in their life and if it was serious they would have rushed everything along.

Well I promptly forgot about it until yesterday - my follow up visit with the specialist. It seems the first test yielded what they call "pre-cancerous" cells. So they did a biopsy yesterday, results to follow in a week. There is the possibility of a very uncomfortable procedure in my future to remove the cells.....

Just another thing to stress about with everything else that is going on. I admit I haven't really done any research yet, so I don't know all there is to know about it, but I am just slightly freaked out by the whole thing. While good thoughts are welcome and appreciated, please don't tell me not to worry about it and it's nothing....I think if one more person tells me this I will hit someone. It may be that it truly is nothing to worry about but it's my body right? I get to be concerned and worried if I want to.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway, and trying not to think to much about it until I hear results - I'll update then if anyone is interested.