Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wedding Updates

So we did NOT find a dress for the flower girl this weekend. We looked at Burlington Coat Factory, and while they do have some cute stuff, it is not quite as nice as I am looking for. We also went to a consignment shop and found a few things we liked, but one was too small and the other needed to be hemmed, but all the pretty designs that made us like it were at the bottom of the dress. We also went to visit my Aunt and ate at one of the Amish restaurants down there. I got some Peanut Butter, Apple Butter, and two different kinds of cheeses. I have to remember next time I am down there to get a Shoofly Pie and a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for the future in-laws.

Had to change the meeting with the photographer to tomorrow. I also have someone coming to pick up my dresser tomorrow. I now have sold all the big furniture I wanted to get rid of before the move (YAY!).

Next Tuesday we are meeting with the caterer. They are available, so hopefully the food tastes good.

Did not get invitations out this weekend and seeing as how I had errands to run at lunch and class tonight, they will probably not go out until tomorrow.

My brother finally went and got measured for his tux today....YAY

I have to also go tomorrow at lunch to Merle Norman, I heard they have really good tatoo covering makeup. Don't want an armband in my wedding pictures thanks.

Still have to go pick out flowers for the boquets, find a DJ, see about renting a gazebo/chairs if we want to have the ceremony outdoors.

Still need to finalize plans for reception so I can call and have them write up a contract for me. We need to decide how many round tables vs. long tables etc.

Got a bunch of boxes today, just need to go buy packing tape. I am taking next Friday off so hopefully I can get all the packing done that I have left (which will probably be a lot) before the big move that weekend.

Sheesh. Anyone want to volunteer to help me????