Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Bother?

I want to know why I should bother to have insurance. Seriously. I pay 175 every pay period (that's every two weeks) for my son and I to have coverage (and that's a discounted rate - my employer pays extra for my coverage vs. others in my office).

We went to a DOCTOR'S OFFICE to see the cardiologist. They did the EKG THERE - IN THE OFFICE. But because the doctor was in the Shand's Medical Plaza (which is affiliated with Shand's Hospital) I have to pay an outpatient hospital services co-pay of $200 FOR EACH TEST THEY DID instead of $75 for "diagnostic services". WTF??!!

And the neuro we're supposed to see - he's also in the Shand's Medical Plaza. I tried looking up another Pediatric Neuro or "independent testing facility" (since I know they're going to want to do an EEG). Yea.... this is Gainesville. They are OWNED by UF and Shands. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.