Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stll Here

Just been a little busy - the new session at school started and work and baby and all that. We are going d0wn to St. Pete this weekend to see mom and Tammi and hopefully pass out the $150 worth of pictures I just had taken of my adorable son. He is getting molars - I'm pretty sure anyway - and life is pretty miserable for poor Patrick - I think he's going to end up chewing his finger off poor kid!

You may have noticed the paypal and amazon buttons I added. Don't worry - I don't intend them for any of you readers - they are more for my personal/family use and are in a place where everyone can see them now. Though I won't turn down anything you lovely readers wish to send me ;)

Otherwise I just need to say one thing. All you idiots in New Orleans - there is a storm coming your way - this is plenty of advance warning - get your shit together and get out now - don't expect the government to save your sorry lazy asses.