Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maybe They Should Just Give Me My Degree NOW ****UPDATED

So I had a test in each of my classes last week. The first one in Intro to Computer Info Systems, I got a 100% WOO HOO

The second one, for Business Ethics, I got a 96% WOO HOO AGAIN. The teacher sent an email saying "no one failed MISERABLY" that had me going. The lowest score was a 56%. Nah, I wouldn't call that MISERABLY failing. :D

I have a 3 page paper due tomorrow by 11pm on Object Oriented Programming Languages - which I haven't actually written yet. That's pretty true to form. I'll write it tomorrow at work and it will be fabulous, you just wait!

/messiah-like praise of myself

Seriously though - I CAN NOT write a paper more than 2 days before it's due. I just can't. It does not happen. ARG!

UPDATE*** We were able to get into our ethics test to see what we got wrong. I missed ONE question and it was one that I seriously considered changing but didn't. Had I changed the answer I would have gotten a 100% on that test as well. DANG IT!

BTW - I started my paper last night but then my computer crashed out on me. I am currently into the third page of three with my last body paragraph and conclusion to go. Can I just tell you, I LOVE these online databases we get access to through the school library. The actually prepare the entry for a works cited page for like 8 different styles of citation, and all you have to do is export it to word. I am soooo not missing having to figure out all that when I'm finished. WOOO HOOOOOOO

2nd update*** It's done, It's done! WOO HOO!!!!! I'm sending it to a few people here in the office to read over and let me know how it sounds.