Friday, September 05, 2008

Nope, Not Insane Yet

PHEW! You just can't believe everything that has happened here since Wednesday....

I know I've posted before about Patrick's "fainting spells" - we had two at daycare and were sent to a Cardiologist who said he did NOT have a heart problem and to a Neurologist (who we saw just this morning - more on that in a minute). Well Wednesday morning we were getting ready to go to work - I was in the bathroom with the door shut and apparently Patrick was standing on the other side of the door (which I didn't know at the time) so I pulled the door open and he fell forward - I think he hit his head (but not hard) and it really scared him so he started crying and I picked him up. He does this thing where he cries, but no sound comes out - it's almost like he's not breathing/can't breath. So he was doing that and I was telling him Breathe, Breathe, like I always do and he all of the sudden got STIFF and his face was all screwed up and he wasn't looking at me or responding and I don't think he was breathing so I handed him to my husband and grabbed the phone to call 911. Well by the time I picked the phone up he was done so I hung up and then next thing I knew Keith is yelling Patrick, Patrick and he set him on the floor and was trying to do CPR - he said later he went limp and he wasn't breathing so I picked the phone back up and this time I DID dial and I was screaming at the 911 lady HELP MY KID IS NOT BREATHING I NEED AN AMBULANCE and she was all calm down where are you and then he came out of it and he was crying and I was crying and by the time the ambulance got there he was fine but I was NOT (can y'all give me a shot) and I was shaking for like three hours after that it was the most horrible thing I have EVER experienced in my entire life. But hubby and I were like a well oiled machine - we never even looked at each other, we just DID and it was awe-some.

So anyway the EMT's said they thought it sounded like a seizure and he was fine and didn't need to go to the ER so we could just take him in to his primary care to be examined. So we did that and primary care said he thought it sounded like a "breath holding episode" which is apparently common in children his age and that we should explain this all to the neuro on Friday (today) and that we should be okay until then.

So that night my husband tells me his kidney is bothering him again. I think I mentioned several weeks ago that he had a kidney stone? Well he went to a walk in clinic because he doesn't have insurance and they gave him pain pills and antibiotics and sent him home and told him to go to the ER if the pain does not go away. So in a few days the pain went away and we forgot about it. Well Wednesday night it came back, and it was WAY WORSE than it was, but he wouldn't let me take him to the ER (he neglected to mention that he was not peeing - a sure sign that he had blockage). Anyway, he did not sleep at all Wednesday night and I insisted Thursday morning I would drop him off at the ER and go in to work (I've been missing a lot lately b/c of the hurricanes and Patrick being sick) and he was to call me and let me know what was up. Well about 10:30 he calls to say they are transferring him to another hospital - he needs surgery. HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!! I think this is punishment for something. So anyway I get to the hospital.... apparently he has a 18mmx6mm stone. Folks if you've had stones before or know anything about them you'll know - that is HUGE. There is no way he can pass that on his own, and the sonar technology they use these days to break them up? It's too big for that too. I did mention he doesn't have insurance? Yea. That bites. BIG. So while we were waiting for all the doctors his pain went away (I guess they think it shifted) so they decided he could make it another 10 days until we can fill out the emergency financial aid paperwork to get a reduced or waived surgery fee and once that's done we have to go back for surgery.

And today? We had Patrick's appointment at the neurologist. It was at 9am. We saw the Dr. at 11:30. JEEEEEE SUS!!! They are the only neuro within driving distance of our house. But I digress. When we finally DID see him, we explained everything, and he had us walk him around the room and interact with him and guess what he said? He agrees with our Primary care. It's "breath holding episodes". I can't even begin to tell you how happy it will make me to know my kid does not have brain issues. However, this is not something that's treatable in the sense that you can take a pill to make it go away. He just has to outgrow them. The good news is, it is only brought on by stress (which means we don't have to worry about him holding his breath in his sleep) and unless he doesn't start breathing again it's not life threatening (He said the chances of that were really slim anyway). and NO PILLS. But we are going for an EEG just to be sure.

And B R E A T H E.

Anyone want to donate a day at the spa? Or on an island somewhere? I think I am losing my sanity.....seriously though? Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes, we really appreciate them.