Thursday, March 02, 2006

Caution, May Contain Numerous Expletives!!!!

To all the nice guys out there who may be reading this - I apologize in advance.....I am very pissed off today and there's no telling what kind of foul things I may say. No that that's out of the way.....

Men are SCUM!

Some of you may or may not have picked up on some derogatory comments about my "ex" - I'll have to give you a little background before you can understand at all how seriously pissed off I am right now....

We were dating for five years - the last half of the relationship was pretty rocky. We fought A LOT and kept breaking up and getting back together. At one point we were pretty much finished, when he called me one day to let me know that his dad had a stroke and they weren't sure if he would make it. Now I have to say, I LOVED his dad and I miss him like crazy. HE was a wonderful man. Also at this point I did not hate him and so of course I rushed right over to support him (this is not the only time I have supported him unconditionally). Anyway - I went to the funeral and I even drove with him to Alabama to bury his ashes. One thing led to another and we ended up getting back together. Well imagine my surprise when he asked me to marry him at Christmas. Of course I said yes - after all we'd been through I thought we could make it work.

He had received a chunk of money from his dad's insurance and decided he wanted to use it for a down payment on a house. Ok cool - we were buying a house, we were going to get married, everything was great. I should have known something was off when he started bucking at my name being on the mortgage. My credit being what it was, we qualified for an 80/10/10 loan, which kept us from having to pay mortgage insurance - thus lessening the payments. Well in the end he signed the g*d damn papers so whatever. We lived together for about 2 months before things started getting really, really bad. I mean to the point where I didn't even want to be around him. He was constantly finding things wrong with me. I didn't cook good, I wasn't a porn star in bed (sorry mom - I know it's gross), I didn't buy what he liked to eat at the grocery store (even though he would refuse to go with me or tell me what he wanted) and so he would refuse to give me money for groceries though he would eat anyway. He would tell me I'm fat and then never supported my efforts to lose weight. Pretty much belittled me every chance he got. Finally we had a knock down drag out (figuratively - he never hit me even though he verbally abused me often) and I decided to move out. I packed up all my stuff, called UHaul, went looking for apartments and moved out finally in August. (At this point we had been living together again for only 4 months). Not long after that, I got a call from his supposedly best friend in Gainesville (yes this is the guy I am dating now, but I swear everything worked out the way it was supposed to) to tell me that he was aware we weren't together anymore but thought I might like to find out from him (we were friends) rather than someone else that my now ex fiancee had been f*cking his girlfriend.

At this point everything just went downhill. I was shocked, appalled, and just plain felt like an ass. She is NASTY Ya'll - I don't know what he sees in her and that's what hurt the most. That he would rather be with a redneck, piece of shit, crack head, dirty bitch. This girl took advantage of her bf every chance she got. She was divorced with two kids - got fired from her job not long after they started dating, and didn't work again after that until they started having problems. He even found cocaine in her purse one time after she swore to him that she didn't do drugs. And my ex would always tell him he didn't need her and she was a dumb bitch, etc, etc. Well they were probably f*cking at the time anyway.

Bringing us to current day. I'm still on the g*d damn mortgage so I've been trying to be civil with him since threatening him with a partition suit didn't work and I'm trying to get him to refinance or sell so I can be off the mortgage. The good news is at the end of the month, the loan becomes assumable so hopefully this will all be over soon.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Last night, the retard calls me to ask if I had the coasters his sister bought him when we first moved in together. WTF!!! You're calling to argue with me about f'ng coasters?!? (which by the way she bought for me - they have flowers and butterfly's all over them....) He tells me yeah - he found himself folding up napkins to put drinks on and thought he used to have coasters somewhere. Again - WTF!!!!??? He's been living without coasters since August - why the sudden interest? Then I hear the dumb bitch in the background and it hits me - she's pissed off cause he doesn't have any - so he's decided to call and bitch at me about it. If the dumb crack head bitch wants some coasters - tell her to take her ass to Walmart and buy some - they're like 99cents. I know she can afford it with all the tip money she makes from f*cking all the drunks at the scuzzy bar she works at.

Then he calls me back like 20 minutes later to tell ME she wants and the plants and the picture of her son from the funeral back. And this is my problem how???? Well she has the title to his truck and his car, and his gun, and some other stuff and she wants to trade him for it. Again - my problem how? If she wanted that shit so bad, she should have taken it with her when she moved out. So whatever. I'll tell him about it in case he still has her stuff and wants his back. So I tell him I'll ask him about it but I can't guarantee anything. Well apparently, that was the wrong thing to say - he proceeded to yell and scream at me about how he (my BF) needs to do this and that and the other and he owes her money (how - she never had a job) and all this other crazy shit and they he may have him a truck soon. WOW - he must be stupid. The title is not signed, and it is in my BF's name - who is currently in possession of said truck and it is even registered and insured in his name. What claim does he think he has to it just cause he has the title???? Anyway being as cracked out as she is, she doesn't remember that she asked his brother about a month ago to put all of her stuff out on his porch one day cause she was coming to get it (plants and picture included) and never showed up to get it - now it's gone. I guess that one's on them isn't it. But, where the FUCK does he get off calling me to ask to get HER stuff back in the first place. Do you think I give a SHIT about what she wants? We are OVER - you don't get to (try) hurt me anymore.


Seriously - I apologize - I had to get that out