Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Festivities

A good time was had by all......Friday night we just kind of vegged in front of the TV and fell asleep on the couch. YAY! What a relaxing time! Saturday = bang bang in the backyard = FUN. Saturday night had a little get together - cooked some good food on the grill and just had a good time. Watched "Waiting" - F-ing hilarious - we watched it twice. Sunday - BF finally figured out why all of the sudden I keep getting whistling through the windows in my car YAY! THAT HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! Now if he can just figure out what the other whistling noise is..... Planted some veggies in the garden we decided to make out by the shed and got really dirty. Ate some buffalo chicken wings that made me projectile vomit. Got halfway home and got stuck in 55mph traffic for quite a few miles, thus adding about 1/2 hr to my drive time. Ok- so Sunday wasn't all that great but the rest of the weekend was good.