Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This One's For All the Geeks Out There

Anyone who is a Stats geek or an NHRA geek - I need your help. I have to do a project for my stats class - a multiple linear regression or a one or two way ANOVA with real data. Since I just went to the Gatornationals last week, I figured I could use that as my subject. I'm looking at using either 1/4 mile times or mph as my dependant variable, but since I don't really know much about the rules of NHRA (I'm talking top fuel here), I was kind of unsure as to what to use for my independent variables. I don't know if it is as regulated as NASCAR as far as how you can build your cars and such. Two I came up with were air temperature at the time of the race, and what track they are running. So how bout it people? Any other ideas on variables for me? Of course I'm also willing to hear completely different ideas on what to use for my project as well. It's due the 19th of April, so I'm hoping to get started fairly quickly.

On a different note, got a call from the ex today - it seems he's stressed out trying to pay for the house himself so he is now willing to sell. YAY! And.....just spent 45minutes talking to my old boss who now lives in Citrus Springs - she works in Ocala for one of my current employers customers. She seems to think she may have a job for me when I move to Gainesville in August (45 minute commute) so hopefully everything will work out soon.