Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What Happened?!?

Ok girls - You blew me away last week, but last night was kinda blah.

Nobody really impressed me this week. I still really LOVE Katherine and Paris - their voices are fabulous; Mandisa is pretty good too. The Florida girl - Melissa - sorry hun, I just can't stand your voice for some reason. It's like you're always reaching for the higher pitch but never quite making it. Brenna - you get on my nerves - 'nuff said. Not a big fan of Lisa - yeah I know she can really sing and she's only 16, but I think some of the other girls are way better. Ayla and Kellie were ok.

My picks to go home:

Kinnik - I know you tried to have fun with that song, but the vocals SUCKED sorry.
Heather - Um, Mariah just had another nervous breakdown after you sang her song like that. YUCK!

Stay tuned to find out if I'm right.