Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Birthday Fun

Rave, over at Quid Nunc has this post up about events that transpired on her birthday - since I thought this was a cool idea, I decided to try it too.

Events on March 14:

1794 - Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin.

1903 - The Hay-Herran Treaty, granting the United States the right to build the Panama Canal, is ratified by the United States Senate. The Colombian Senate would later reject the treaty.

1951 - Korean War: For the second time, United Nations troops recapture Seoul.

Two Births:

1864 - Casey Jones, Railroad engineer (d. 1900)

1879 - Albert Einstein, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)

One Death:

1883 - Karl Marx, German political theorist (b. 1818)

Thanks Rave, that was fun!