Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Updates on Life

Heard from ex last night - he rec'd the assumption package in the mail - now all we gotta do is fill out the papers and come up with closing costs - seriously. He's broke and I want this done, so I'm selling his ring to pay closing costs. Why you ask? Rewind and read again. He's broke and I want this D.O.N.E. Not like the money is really coming out of my pocket or anything. Unless I can't find a buyer for the ring, in which case it is, just because I want this D.O.N.E. To me it's worth it to a) save my credit and 2) not have to deal with his psycho ass anymore.

Got a B on my last test in the stats class (you know the one I didn't see cause I skipped class to tp cars???? So tomorrow night we get to find out our project grade, and then if we're happy with our grade in the class at that point, we can skip the final. I have a solid B as of now (got the exact same score on both tests - of course the teacher thought that was weird - but hey, he's a stats guy) and unless I totally BOMB the project, which I'm sure I didn't, I'll have a solid B with virtually no chance of an A unless I get a 100% on the final - so I'm going to skip it.

Need a 93% on my final in my other class to keep my A - should be pretty easy.

registered for summer classes this morning - taking Principles of Management and Professional Writing. Should both be easy A's.

Oh, and bought my tix for this event happening this weekend. Here's a list of all the band's that will be there.....and yes, we'll be camping in "Sin City". No, we won't be participating in any nakedness or drugs (and there will be lots), we'll just be laughing at everyone else who does - we do have a healthy amount of alcohol to bring though so it should be fun.

That's about it for now - hopefully I'll have pics and/or stories to share when I return from this next drunken escapade.