Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Hour on Wednesday?!?

As some of you may know, I work in Accounting at a large computer parts reseller. Since we just finished our year end audit with one of the larger accounting firms, they sponsored a Happy Hour at one of the local establishments (and picked up the tab). I, being the new fun loving person I am, decided I was going to skip class last night to attend (so no, I don't know my test grade from last week yet - but hopefully the prof will be e-mailing it to me later today). Um, so anyway - it is okay to do Irish Car Bombs when you have to work the next morning? How about toilet papering the auditors cars? What if your Director says it's okay with him, and finds out which cars they are so you can? Needless to say we had a VERY good time - and yes, I strategically avoided having to do a Mind Eraser on top of the Car Bomb. BTW - I've been officially been given notice by my Director that I do NOT have permission to move to Gainesville. Hmmmmmm.......... I guess they'll miss me when I go - that's okay cause I'll miss them too.