Friday, May 05, 2006

Bouncy, Bouncy

So here's my nephew, is he a cutie pie or what???

I'm actually a bad aunt - this pic is probably a year old and I keep forgetting to take my camera over to mom's with me so I can get more recent pictures.

Anyway - so I usually go over to my mom's on Thursday's to do laundry (it's an excuse to go see everybody). Last night I get there, and bro says, "just warning you now, everybody over here is sick." YEAH! Just what I wanted! But with a 2yr old in the house, it happens more often than naught. So finally, Jr. hears me and comes running out, "Carmen, You're Home!" For some reason this is what he says to me every time I come over even though I don't live there - ya gotta love him. So I go put my laundry in the washer and proceed to heat up my dinner. Of course he sees me and starts yelling, "Papa, wanna EAT!" and he's running around in circles in the kitchen going "wanna EAT, wanna EAT" so I'm like, how bout you come sit in your chair, that way you're ready to eat when your food is ready. He's gotten to that stage now where he likes to do stuff himself ya know. So he pulls the chair out (which is almost twice as tall as he is) and climbs up in his seat, and buckles his belt. Then the kid proceeds to push his own chair in by scooting it inches at a time. I tell ya, it's a good thing mom put those felt pads on the chair feet, otherwise the wood floor would be scratched all to hell. Then he's mad cause papa won't let him blow on his own food "HOT Papa, gotta blow!" He also turned into a little parrot - he likes to repeat everything everyone says - so papa and I are trying to have a conversation and he's repeating both sides the whole time we're eating - just priceless.

Well so later on, mom comes home and of course it's "Mema! You're Home!" and immediately they have to play. Well mom and I were trying to find flights to O'Hare at one point (after they made a mess with the PlayDoh) and he's getting mad cause she's ignoring him. So he climbs up on her lap and starts bouncing around. Well he's bouncing right on her boob and she's going "ow, you're hurting grandma - why are you bouncing" or something like that - and he says to her "boys gotta bounce Mema." WOW!!! This kid just cracks me up!! Then they start playing this weird variation of the bouncing game - I guess mom got tired of her boob being bounced - it goes like this: Grandma picks him up and says "who loves you baby" and he goes "Love You Mema~" and then he gets bounced onto the couch. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, btw.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I never thought I wanted to have kids - until my nephew was born. This child just amazes me every day with the things he does and says, and it's awesome, seeing his face when he figures something out, or learns a new word, or does something funny (he likes to walk around telling everyone he's funny). BF and I have decided we're going to get married (for those of you who don't know) and probably that's one of the first things we'll do (he wants them worse than I do) - so look out world cause our kids are going to be nuts!