Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Down With The Sickness

Ha - only a Disturbed fan would get that reference.

Anyway - I'm still feeling pretty shitty. I left early on Monday, stayed home yesterday, and went back to work today only to be told I sound like shit. NO DUH. If I didn't have stuff I had to get done, I would not have gone in. Needless to say, I haven't read any blogs since Monday so I'm a little behind. I did manage to get everything I needed done at work today.

Summer classes start next week (BTW - ended up with a B+ in the A class - guess I didn't study hard enough. Only missed it by 1 point but he wouldn't give me the A - bastard. So now my overall GPA is 3.49). Guess I gotta go ahead and fork out some money.....they finally posted final grades today so tomorrow I can turn them in and hopefully get my tuition reimbursement check on Monday.

Right now I'm going to go lay down - hopefully I'll have something more important to post tomorrow.