Friday, May 19, 2006


A big howdy to all from Roger's Tire in Alachua.....ha ha ha....BF is doing some work on my car today - yes I am playing hookey - got here about 8:15 this morning. So we're doing my front brakes (right now he is turning the rotors), and putting on a new timing belt. FUN FUN FUN.....hey - you all should give my BF a hard time since the shop he works at has internet but he doesn't.....what a bunch of crap I say!!!!

So they are closed today 'cause the boss is out of town. You would not believe all the people who show up here when they are closed. We are trying to be vewy, vewy quiet, lol. Anyway, I already got all dirty (you can't take me anywhere) and washed my hands once so I am trying to stay out of the shop now. Good thing I have something else to do now!!!!

Well - I guess I better take off - have a great weekend ya'll!