Friday, June 27, 2008

And Now For Some Good News (well sort of)

Thanks everyone so much for the prayers and support. At this point we are not too "excited" about everything. I'm sure by the time we see the cardiologist, I will be in full on panic mode, but for now I am still OK. I believe in the power of positive thinking so I am right now telling myself it is nothing major and can be easily fixed.

Now to the (sort of) good news. My brother and his baby mama (ha - she would die if she saw that) are having another baby. And we found out today it's ANOTHER boy. So mom is now the proud grandma of THREE grandsons. They were hoping for a girl and now everyone is looking at ME for the girl. That is the sort of part. NO MORE KIDS FOR ME!!!!

At least they have lots of hand me downs. It's a good thing I've been sending all of Patrick's outgrown stuff to mom's house to live.