Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just send this FABULOUS letter to the general manager of Honda of Ocala......By the way, I know the thing we are upset about is cheap, but it's the principal of the matter.

Good Morning,

I am writing you to hopefully get resolution to an issue I have been experiencing with the used car sales department. First off, let me say the reason we chose your dealership (even though we live closer to the Gainesville Honda) is because we heard you had the best prices and service. And we did get a great price on our car. However the service left quite a bit to be desired.

My husband and I purchased a used 2004 Accord from your lot at the beginning of May. Our sales person, (name withheld to avoid legal issues), promised us he would be replacing the Honda emblem that was missing from the trunk when we purchased the car. He stated that it had already been ordered and should arrive within two weeks, and that he would call us when it came in. He even had us sign an “IUO” from the dealership stating that Honda of Ocala did in fact owe us a trunk emblem for our car. Since we were to be traveling down to St. Petersburg in two weeks, it was
perfect timing for us to stop by and pick it up. We do not normally travel to Ocala since the cost of gas has risen so much as I’m sure you understand. However, the two weeks came and went with no call from jerk sales person. After another few days, I decided to call and inquire as to the status of our “order”. I left a message for jerk sales person that was not returned. I called again a few days later, and again, my call was not returned. My husband called two or three times. Again, no calls were returned. My husband decided to call the parts department directly and was
told they could have an emblem for us the next day. Now I’m sure you can
understand my concern since at this point it had been almost a month since our
purchase, and we still had not received the emblem we were told had already been

At this point I decided it was useless to call Mr. jerk sales person since he seems to be unable to return phone calls. We again stopped by the dealership on our way down to St. Petersburg the following weekend thinking being there in person would get us results. We were wrong about that. We showed up around 9:15 or so (the hours of the lot according to your website are 9am to 9pm on a Saturday) thinking we would get immediate service as the lot could not be that full first thing on a Saturday. We
were told the staff was in a sales meeting, and were not able to leave the meeting to assist us even though we expressed that we had just driven 45 miles and explained our issue with getting service. I am not sure why the sales staff has their daily staff meetings during the time they are supposed to be on the lot servicing customers. If they want to have meetings at 9am, then the lot should not be open until 9:30 or whatever time the meeting is over. Someone then showed up and said they were heading over to the meeting and would ask Mr. jerk sales person about our emblem. We expressed to him that we had an appointment and could not wait more than 5-10 minutes. After 15 minutes when he had not called the secretary nor returned with news for us, we left.

I called the following Monday and insisted on speaking with someone else who could help us since Mr. jerk sales person apparently had NO INTENTION of ever returning our calls. The person I spoke to said he would look into it and call me the following morning to let me know what was going on. He did, in fact, call me the following morning to say the parts department would have to order the part. Imagine my surprise after I had been told when we bought the car that it had ALREADY BEEN ORDERED. At this point I explained to him that we would NOT be driving to Ocala again to pick up the part and that we wished it to be either sent to the Gainesville Honda to be picked up by us or mailed to our home. This was approximately two weeks ago. WE HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ANYONE AT HONDA OF OCALA SINCE THEN.

I am tired of waiting on something it seems apparent to me now your dealership never had any intention of giving me. My husband ordered an emblem from Honda of Gainesville and it came in the NEXT DAY at a cost to us of $19.40 (including
tax). We expect to receive a check from Honda of Ocala to reimburse us for
this expense. Rest assured, we will NEVER do business with you again, nor will we ever recommend you to anyone.


Carmen - pissed off ex-customer