Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I suck at this blogging thing....

I seriously intended to be intellectual on this blog at some point, but apparently that is not possible....my brain is mush and spit up.

Apparently all I will ever be is a place to read about my life so I guess that will have to suffice. On that note - what's new you ask?

Well - Aunt Tammi told me about ID TV - I was SORELY disappointed when Court TV changed to TRU TV since they quit showing Forensic Files and the like as often and since I loves me some Forensic Files... No seriously. I switched to Dish Network because Direct TV could not give me local channels (and cable is not an option) but I would not do it until I was assured that Court TV was available. That channel is like crack to me. Anywho, I was disappointed and when Aunt Tammi told me about the ID channel I was SURE I didn't get it. Well guess what?! I DO. I now have back my beloved crime shows, and I am HAPPY!!!

Patrick is getting bigger every day. He is now standing up on a regular basis - except our coffee table is too high for him so he does it mostly in his crib and at daycare. He has not progressed to standing without holding on, or trying to walk by himself, but I am sure it is just days away at this point. We seemed to have stopped the unending flow of teeth for now, so no more fussy baby. WOO HOO!!!! We went on Friday to get allergy testing done. I have been concerned about the possibility of allergies b/c of the constant ear infections and runny nose. They also tested for milk allergies - so once we have the results we will be stopping the formula and either switching to whole milk or soy. That is a relief since milk is still slightly cheaper than formula at this point (LOL). He actually had to get blood drawn for these tests - like an adult - with the rubber band around the arm and the needle and tube and everything. I was terrified that he would freak out, but he didn't even BLINK. It was like "hey cool, what are you doing that for?" Even after she couldn't get the vein right away cause he kept moving his fingers, he still didn't cry or anything. I was so happy about that let me tell you. The nurse was too. :)

My first class since 2006 has started this week. Can't tell you how it's going so far because we haven't had any graded assignments yet. But based on the syllabus it looks like it's going to be okay. I'll will keep you posted.

I think that's about it. Have a happy day!