Friday, June 13, 2008

I Need Your Opinions Please

The class I am taking is Business Communications - basically a Business Writing course. So my first assignment is to respond to the following letter:

I see state employees driving BMWs and sports cars. These cars are a
waste of tax-payer money!


Rick Shipley

Yea.....what fun. I HATE WRITING!!!!! WITH A PASSION. So I wrote a response and I'm counting on the two people who read here to give me an honest assessment of my work. Grammar and spelling count.

June 13, 2008

Mr. Rick Shipley
100 Anywhere Street
Florida 32615

Dear Mr. Shipley,

Thank you for your
comment regarding city employees driving luxury vehicles. The Governor
asked me to research the issue and I am happy to report that no taxpayer dollars
were spent on these vehicles!

According to the Department of Public
Safety, the vehicles you mentioned were confiscated during criminal
investigations. Rather than auction or sell the vehicles, the state has
decided to use them for their employees who need to drive as part of their
job. This allows them to refrain from purchasing new

In the 10 years this program has been in place, the state
has confiscated 43 vehicles – this means taxpayers in Florida have saved the
money it would cost to purchase new vehicles. The Department of Public
Safety plans on keeping this program in place and saving even more money in the

The Governor’s office is always happy to receive comments
and feedback from the citizen’s of Florida; we look forward to serving you for


Assistant to the Governor of Florida